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What is "harm reduction"?

"Harm reduction" refers to policies, programs and practices designed to minimize negative social, health or systemic impacts associated with any type of drug use, legal or otherwise. 

Harm reduction principles are based in, dignity, human rights and compassionate non-judgement.  Harm reduction recognizes individual and social contexts, and works with people "wherever they're at," empowering them with the specific supports they require to be able to make positive changes in their lives.  

When it comes to folks struggling with problematic drug use and/or addiction, harm-reduction-based responses prioritize safety, reducing infection and other immediate health risks, and preventing toxic drug deaths.  There is growing evidence that harm-reduction services can reduce crime rates, including violent crime.   Learn more here

qCAT - "Harm reduction says to people: 'You're not different from the rest of us. You are human beings like we are. You deserve the kind of care and compassion we want for ourselves.'" ~ Gabor Mate
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