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Collaborative Solutions 

qCAT members innovate strategic responses to effectively meet the unique needs of each community throughout the qathet region.  With representation from Tla'amin Nation, Powell River and communities throughout the qathet region, the team is comprised of emergency service providers, health practitioners, public servants, addictions treatment providers, recovery communities, family and peer support groups, as well as key representatives from municipal, provincial and federal governments.  Harnessing the combined knowledge, experience and expertise of its membership, qCAT innovates unprecedented, community-based initiatives to expand harm-reduction services, prevent toxic drug deaths and reduce stigma.


Shared Decision-Making

qCAT deliberates urgent issues and matters that can be extremely complex, and often with few "ideal" options.  Our use of a consensus continuum ensures that all members can live with the collective decisions qCAT is responsible to make, even when they aren't ideal or in exact alignment with each member's personal opinions or preferences. 

qCAT - Consensus Continuum, seven circles in different colours with text underneath each circle: 1, Firm Yes, Full Support, 2. Maybe, Some Support but with hesitation & questions, 3. Fine, Acceptable, 4. Okay, Can Live With: wont' block this decision, 5. Recuse, Not Voting: abstaining from participation & actions associated with this decision, 6. Maybe, Need More Information & a plan for how & when the information will be obtained, 7. Firm No, Cannot & Do Not Support
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