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qCAT - circle image with flowers and text "Harm reduction is grounded in safety, justice & human rights. It empowers positive change & focuses on working with people without judgement, coercion, discrimination, or the requirement that they stop their drug use as a precondition of accessing support & care."

Safety is a core principle of harm reduction 

qCAT activities and supports include:

  • safe supply provision

  • full spectrum drug checking

  • peer witnessing 

  • peer outreach

  • clean sweep and safe disposal project  

  • Lifeguard app - learn more here

  • BRAVE app - learn more here

Reducing stigma increases safety

Stigma is the disapproval of an individual or group based on perceived characteristics that are used to negatively distinguish, separate and exclude them.  Stigma often takes the form of discriminatory or moralizing attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. Stigma is most apparent in stigmatizing language, which relies heavily on stereotypes to shame and belittle individuals.

Stigma is not only hurtful, it has real-life and potentially fatal consequences. When it comes to substance use, misuse or dependence, stigma is a significant barrier that prevents those who are struggling or at risk from accessing help. Family and friends of people who use substances can also experience and be harmed by stigma.  Learn more here. 

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