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What is an Overdose Prevention Site (OPS)?

Overdose prevention sites are safe spaces monitored by trained staff,  where people can use their own illicit drugs, access sterile supplies, and receive emergency overdose response as needed. OPS' often provide other harm reduction supplies (i.e. condoms) drug testing and referrals to mental health, medical and substance use services as well.

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What does PR's OPS provide?

Staffed by people with lived experience and located at the north side of the Community Resource Centre on Joyce Avenue, Powell River's OPS offers:

  • an outdoor sink

  • bike storage

  • soap and other toiletries

  • snacks and water

  • a designated smoking area

  • a designated space for injecting  

  • drug checking via FTS strips (fentanyl and benzodiazepine) and FTIR spectroscopy 

  • harm reduction supplies (bulk and premade kits) for smoking and injecting

  • witnessed consumption (smoking and injecting)

  • immediate first aid and overdose response if necessary

  • ongoing peer support

  • resource information and referrals

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