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Peer-Driven Support, Advocacy and Community

Peer-led services (sometimes called peer-to-peer or peer-based services) are run by people with the same or similar identities or lived experiences as the folks accessing their services.


The services can include peer-led health promotion, peer support groups or counselling, and peer leadership. These peer-based approaches are not meant to and do not replace primary healthcare or other service models; they compliment and work within and beside them.

S.U.S.T.A.I.N. is a peer-led support and advocacy group for people who use drugs in Powell River and communities throughout the qathet regional district. Group members meet regularly to discuss issues, strategize solutions together, and organize events and opportunities to expand networks and opportunities for and with each other.  Through ongoing public education and systems advocacy, S.U.S.T.A.I.N. amplifies the individual and collective voices of its members.  

qCAT - blue circle with white text: S.U.S.T.A.I.N., Substance Users Society Teaching Advocacy Instead of Neglect
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